Full-time studies 

First degree studies (engineering studies) – 7 semesters


Graduate characteristics 

If you belong to people who are not afraid of challenges and like to solve puzzles, studies in Quality and Production Management are just for you. This is not an ordinary course, but one that offers the opportunity to acquire so-called engineering competences (so-called hard skills) as well as soft one related to human team management skills, as well as engineering projects. Due to this combination, we achieve the synergy effect and maximum use of the potential of graduates in these course on the labor market. In this case, the career path is not limited only to a purely technical or engineering path, but it is possible to choose a managerial path at any time, in which the combination of soft-managerial and engineering competences can prove to be a huge advantage.

Choice of right course helps in your future career. Remember that our course was based on the recommendations of many companies from Czestochowa and its region, which are members of the Advisory Board of Business Representatives of the Faculty of Management, Czestochowa University of Technology, which helped in the right selection of program content guaranteeing the delivery of practical competences and skills not only required by the market today, but also tomorrow.

Quality and production management – education

What will you learn?

Studying Quality and Production Management you will learn from the practical side the tools and methods for solving various production problems that are very useful in any enterprise. We will show you how you can improve the production process or design products, how to carry out various types of control and how to evaluate the effect of work.

We will teach you the implementation of tasks in the field of product and service quality management, production and service processes management; organizing and managing personnel and coordinating the work of employee teams; participation in the implementation and realization of research and development works, especially regarding technological and organizational innovations, and participation in works related to technical and organizational consulting in the field of production engineering and quality management. Your advantage will be flexibility and openness of mind to new solutions and seeking new technical and organizational solutions from various disciplines thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of studies.

Who will teach you?

Classes in Quality and Production Management are conducted by experienced staff. Many of us took internships and practice in Polish and foreign enterprises or research centers, participated in various national and international projects, many of us have production experience. We try to participate in various trainings related to the subject of quality and production in Poland and abroad. We help many companies to implement various management systems and to use improvement methods that we teach during our classes. Every year we participate in many scientific conferences, where we exchange experiences and research results with our colleagues from other centers. We try to present such acquired practical knowledge to our students during classes.

Quality and production management – knowledge and job

How can you expand your knowledge?

Studies in the field of Quality and Production Management last 7 semesters. The graduate obtains the degree of engineer. Currently, we are preparing second-cycle studies so that graduates can continue their studies and obtain a master’s degree. Our studies are conducted both in a full time form.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that studies in the field of Quality and Production Management are conducted fully in English. It is worth choosing the English study not only because of the opportunity to learn the technical vocabulary associated with production engineering terminology. It is also an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, because in addition to Polish citizens, people from different countries also study this field, and often students who came to Czestochowa within the Erasmus program participate in individual classes.

Where can you work after completing studies Quality and Production Management

You have a very large selection of possible places to work. Specialists in the field of Quality and Production Management are looked for by every manufacturing and service enterprise. You can work for example in:

  • in all types of enterprises (both production and service – micro, small, medium or large, in production and quality departments),
  • in your own company,
  • in design, research and consulting units dealing with production and quality engineering,
  • in business and administrative units that require technical, economic and IT knowledge as well as organizational skills.

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