Full-time studies

Second degree studies (master’s studies)  4 semesters

Graduate characteristics

Do you associate your future with broadly understood business, work in a corporation or in a family enterprise? Do you dream about your own company? Or, in your imagination, you have already worked in bank or public sector organization?

If yes, this Faculty is just for you. The faculty of management was created for people wanting to achieve what they desire in their professional life.

You will learn the rules governing the world of organizations, meet interesting and inspiring people thanks to whom you will start to realize your professional dreams during your studies and enter the career path. And the knowledge and skills acquired during studies in the field of Management will prove to be extremely valuable.

Benjamin Franklin’s words: “Tell me, I will forget. Teach me, maybe I’ll remember. Get involved, I will learn ”are the main theme of Management.

Join us !

What will you learn?

While studing at the Faculty of Management you will learn how to see trends in the closest and the furthest environment, competitive. You will gain the abilities to conduct survey, thanks to which you will be able to recognize both the limitations and advantages of your own organization. You will know and be able to apply research methods and analytical tools that will help you manage your dream organization, both in the area of human resource management as well as financial management or management of processes implemented in the organization and even products and services offered by this organization. You will have the skills to communicate effectively, negotiate and persuade, and work in a team. By studying management, you will gain knowledge and skills in many areas, which will allow you to make an absolutely conscious decision about your professional future because the wide thematic range of this direction will give you full awareness of what you want to do in life.

Who will teach you?

Our lecturers apart of undeniable scientific and didactic successes, which are reflected in numerous domestic and foreign publications or research projects implemented both internationally and locally with business units, have extensive experience in business practice. On a daily basis, they run their own business, or they work or cooperate with various types of organizations from both the corporate and public sectors.

To what extent you can expand your knowledge?

Taking your interests, ambitions and dreams into consideration, you can deepen your knowledge and competences in set speciatities:

  • Entrepreneurship and management of small and medium enterprises (first and second cycle studies),
  • Enterprise marketing management (first and second cycle studies),
  • Human resources management (first and second cycle studies),
  • Management of public and local government institutions (first cycle studies),
  • Administration and management in local government units (second cycle studies),
  • Accounting in management (second cycle studies),
  • Financial management and banking (second cycle studies),
  • Real estate management (second cycle studies),
  • Research project management and commercialization of research results (second cycle studies).

Where can you work after graduating from the management?

As our graduate, you have a very wide choice, because you can work in both enterprise and public sector organizations. You will be prepared to work as a specialist of the organization and management, middle-level manager, or a manager in enterprises as well as to run your own business. You can work as a specialist, among others:

  • in all types of enterprises – micro, small, medium or large, in production, marketing and human resource management departments,
  • in own enterprise,
  • in financial sector institutions: banks, leasing or factoring companies,
  • insurance companies,
  • in public sector organizations: commune, poviat and voivodship self-governments.

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