Full-time studies:

Second degree studies (master’s studies) – 4 semesters


Graduate characteristics

At our masters degree studies – Logistics – you will develop your competences and skills. You can continue your studies in Logistics despite having previously completed a bachelor’s degree in another discipline. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge with further areas that will allow you to take up work in new, interesting professions, open the way to promotion or help you to run your own business. The goal of our education is to stimulate your creativity and entrepreneurship in the creation and management of logistics projects.

Masters degree studies last two years (four semesters) and end with the defense of the thesis and obtaining a masters degree.

Higher education, including a masters degree, has a real impact on the level of earnings, so it is worth to invest in further stages of education.

Logistics masters studies – education

What will you learn?

By studying Logistics you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in logistics management. You will learn the essence of managing modern organizations and the principles of logistics activities of business entities. You will also acquire skills in solving logistic problems and learn to use the acquired knowledge and practice in the process of managing an economic entity.

We offer you a prestigious form of learning in small groups, in the company of friends from all countries of the world, so you can make interesting friends and get to know other cultures and customs. Studying in the field of Logistics also allows you to acquire practical competence through the possibility of participating in many international initiatives and projects aimed solely at English-speaking students.

A wide selection of subjects, in the field of which you can also deepen knowledge on additional consultations with teachers, will allow you to individually adapt to the current requirements of the labor market.

We will enable you to gain knowledge and practice in organizing transport, selecting means of transport and carrying out all logistic tasks. You will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills regarding modern logistics systems and their functioning in industry and commerce, as well as concerning professional logistics information management in various types of enterprises and business and administrative units in which logistics knowledge is required.

In the field of Logistics, all classes are conducted exclusively in English, thanks to which you will acquire language proficiency, including a specialized language enabling communication during professional activities.

After completing the masters studies in Logistics you will have the opportunity to undertake third-cycle (doctoral) and post-graduate studies.

Who will teach you?

Our lecturers are experienced scientists who have been carrying out scientific and research work for many years and authors books, university scripts, articles and papers, including those indexed in the most important global scientific databases. They are members of program councils and reviewers of magazines published in the country and abroad.

Our academic teachers are also co-organizers of scientific symposia and seminars, as well as prepare national and international conferences, and are partners in international projects. Many of the employees are members of scientific and other organizations, including international ones.

Our scientific activity is closely related to activity in the sphere of economic life practice in the region. Our lecturers include not only theorists with impressive scientific achievements, but also people with experience in business practice who prepare business solutions in the field of logistics systems and processes as well as innovation.

Where can you work after completing the Logistics masters studies? 

You have a very large selection. You will be prepared to work in managerial positions in organizations where logistics, economics, IT and organizational knowledge are required. You will also be prepared to independently create and manage logistics projects. Logistics specialists are needed by all market players in all types of enterprises – micro, small, medium or large, and above all in:

  • transport and shipping companies,
  • production, production and logistics companies,
  • enterprises dealing with broadly understood trade and distribution, also logistics operators,
  • design and consulting units dealing with logistics,
  • economics and administrative units in which logistics, economics and IT knowledge as well as organizational skills are required,
  • warehouses, logistics centers.

You can also work as an independent specialist.

On the labor market, your preponderance and advantage over your competitors will be a great knowledge of a specialist language and the freedom to use it – such people are sought by the best international companies from the logistics industry and other industries hiring employees for logistics departments.

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