There is nothing more precious than knowledge

Scientia nulla res praestantior


The strategy of the Faculty for the areas of education, research, human resources, infrastructure and equipment, finance, management, and marketing


  1. To improve teaching processes and procedures to achieve the assumed learning outcomes.
  2. To create conditions for studying in foreign languages ​​by expanding the offer of studies in English and acquiring students from European and non-European countries.
  3. To increase the qualifications of the Faculty’s academic staff by periodically organized specialist educational workshops.
  4. To increase the quality of education by developing the infrastructure and teaching equipment.
  5. To increase the attractiveness of studying through meetings with renowned representatives of science, business, sports, and culture.

Scientific Research

  1. To define new research areas that are in line with current global trends and have a high applicative potential, taking into account the staffing and infrastructural capabilities of the Faculty.
  2. To increase the scientific category of the Faculty and maintain the existing academic rights.
  3. To develop projects supporting the dissemination of academic achievements of the Faculty staff, including the organization of national and international scientific conferences in cooperation with other centers and scientific societies, e.g., TNOiK, PTE.
  4. To extend and strengthen cooperation with research centers in Poland and abroad in the field of joint research, scientific internships, implementation of research projects and to intensify the cooperation with local government units through participation in national and international scientific networks.
  5. To increase effectiveness in applying for research projects financed from external funds.

Human resources

  1. To plan human resources as to ensure the proper implementation of educational, scientific and organizational processes.
  2. To increase academic advancement of the research and teaching staff by obtaining academic degrees and titles.
  3. To support the development of employees who are not academic teachers by raising their professional qualifications through training systems.
  4. To develop the Faculty’s social capital through its internationalization, including visits and employment of professors from foreign academic centers, to increase the number of international academic internships of the Faculty’s employees and to increase the number of incoming foreign students.
  5. To improve quality, performance and work discipline.

Infrastructure and its equipment

  1. To create new and adapt the existing infrastructure to the needs of students, students with disabilities and employees.
  2. To develop and implement the Faculty’s investment and renovation plans taking into account students’ and employees’ research and teaching needs.
  3. To create new laboratories and to reequip the existing ones.


  1. To improve the system of planning, monitoring, and controlling costs incurred for the particular activities of the Faculty.
  2. To maintain the existing and to acquire new sources of income, including income from fees for part-time studies, fees for postgraduate studies and fees for using the Faculty’s property.


  1. To define strategic goals and monitor their implementation.
  2. To implement and use non-wage motivators, e.g., diplomas, prizes.
  3. To examine periodically the indicators measuring the functioning of the Faculty, and to identify favorable and unfavorable trends in order to implement modifications.
  4. To develop cooperation with external stakeholders, including the Advisory Board of Business Representatives.


  1. To research and meet the demands for educational services of the Faculty.
  2. To identify the causes and to measure the degree of students’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with studying at the Faculty.
  3. To promote the Faculty’s educational offer in the Częstochowa region and neighboring regions.
  4. To disseminate information about the Faculty’s scientific and research activities.
  5. To promote the educational offer to international students.