The Institute of Management Sociology and Psychology was established by Resolution No. 229/2012 of the Rector of Częstochowa University of Technology of 31.08.2012, and it started its activity on 01.09.2012. The Institute included three departments: the Department of Management Sociology, the Department of Psychology and Social Policy, and the Department of Human Resources Management. On 04.06.2013 the Department of Public Management and Law was established within the Institute.

The Institute continues the operations of the organizational units previously functioning at the Faculty of Management, which included:

  • Chair of Personnel Management (Head – dr hab. Ewa Gorczycka prof. PCz);
  • Chair of Sociology and Management Psychology (Head – prof. dr hab. Lech Milian);
  • Chair of Legal Problems of Management (Head – prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Grzeszczyk);
  • Independent Department of Social Policy (Head – dr hab. Zbigniew Jastrzębowski prof. PCz). 

The theoretical and empirical research undertaken at the Institute primarily concerns the issues of economy and market sociology, consumption, sociology of organization, social capital and trust, social conditioning of management and interpersonal communication in organizations. The conducted research also concerns psychological and social aspects of human resources management (human capital), staff recruitment process, managerial role in human resource management, time management, managerial training, stress management, assertiveness, organizational change, organizational culture and climate, management styles, education quality, and the importance of social benefits fund. Theoretical considerations also cover ethics in management, conflict management, negotiation and mediation, and workplace pathology. Research is also conducted on legal aspects of public management with particular emphasis on management in local governments. 

In 2016, dr hab. Felicjan Bylok, prof PCz obtained the title of full professor, and in 2017 Magdalena Bsoul-Kopowska obtained a postdoctoral degree. In 2016, doctoral degrees were awarded to Anna Karczewska and Tomasz Odzimek.

The Institute is the initiator and co-organizer of numerous national and international conferences. One of the most important ones is the annual International Conference of Management (ICoM), which has been organized since 2011. The Institute also organizes annual scientific symposiums. 

For many years, the Institute has been cooperating with Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in Gödöllő, and since 2012 with the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, and Mendl University in Brno.