Instytut Logistyki i Zarządzania Miedzynarodowego

The Institute of Logistics and International Management was created in 2003 after the transformation of the Chair of Logistics and Financial Analysis.

Scientific research conducted by the Institute of Logistics and International Management covers issues traditionally associated with management and logistics, such as customer service, logistics management, supply chain management, outsourcing, transport management, reverse logistics and eco-logistics, as well as new issues and areas which are less frequently explored, such as research into innovative potential, techno-globalization, leadership and unusual applications of logistics.

The Institute staff are members of program councils and reviewers of national and international periodicals, i.e., “Advanced Logistic Systems”, “Journal of Applied Management and Investments”, “eXclusive Journal”, “Latin American Studies”, or “Journal of Advanced Research” in Management”. They also co-organize symposiums and scientific seminars, e.g., scientific seminars prepared in cooperation with the Technical University of Ostrava – as well as the scientific symposium “‘Modele uniwersytetów przyszłości”’ organized in cooperation with SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Many employees of the Institute are also members of scientific national and international organizations (including, PAN, PTE, Eurasia Business and Economics Society, International Institute of Social Economic Sciences). Moreover, they participate in expert groups’ works (in this NCN) and carry out research projects, including international research grants, TEMPUS projects, as well as projects carried out by university consortiums and EOG funds.

Since 2008, three employees have achieved post-doctoral degrees and twenty-one have been conferred doctoral degrees in management sciences.

In the years 2014-2016, the Institute carried out a regional project “‘Edukacja dla rozwoju badań i innowacji”’ (project number FSS/2013/HEI/W/0050), financed from the resources of the Scholarship and Training Fund, established within Norwegian EOG funds.

Integrative Centre of Management Development was created within the Institute in cooperation with the Institute of Enterprise Management of Częstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Management. The Centre brings together scientific units interested in management and innovativeness.