The Chair of Technical Systems and Safety was established in 2014 after the transformation of the Department of Technical Systems and Occupational Safety, which functioned at the Faculty of Management since 2012. For many years, dr hab. inż. Szymon Salamon, prof. PCz was the Head of the unit, actively involved in its development, which was also significantly influenced by dr hab. inż. Bogumił Konodyba-Szymański, prof. PCz, and prof. dr hab. Jerzy Sztuka.

The main directions of scientific research include innovations in technological processes, modeling and forecasting of technical condition of machines and devices, safety of technical systems, environmental safety, managing occupational health and safety in industrial enterprises, and optimizing management in territorial governments. The courses taught by the personnel of the Chair include technical systems, chemical technology, ergonomics, and management of occupational health and safety. 

During this period, the employees have obtained doctoral degrees in economics in the field of management (K. Zjawiona, M. Roman, B. Konodyba-Szymańska) and in technical sciences in the field of machine construction and operation (A. Idzikowski). 

The Chair is the organizer of the regular international conference “Human – Technical Objects – Surroundings”, celebrations of the World Day of Occupational Health and Safety, 1st National Scientific Conference of the World Day of Occupational Health and Safety, 1st International Conference “Chemical safety and health protection”, and since 2016 the regular scientific and technical conference “Technology – Safety – Environment”. In cooperation with the representatives of the Central Institute for Labour Protection in Warsaw, the Chair organizes seminars, film shows and meetings for students of the Occupational Health and Safety degree course on subjects connected with the issues of occupational health and safety. The Chair also runs two student associations “Bezpieczny Krąg” and „Menedżer”.