Website of the Chair of Production and Safety Engineering:

The Chair of Production Engineering and Safety was created in 2016, and its history is closely connected with the history of the Faculty. In 1994, still at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, within the Institute of Management and Marketing, the Department of Production Engineering was formed, which included two associate professors: professor Stanisław Borkowski, who was the Head of the Department for many years (later the Institute of Production Engineering), professor Barbara Sobczak-Woźniak, and the assistant professor Franciszek Rączka. 

The scientific research conducted at the Chair is aimed at discovering and explaining the observed reality, which enables innovative, practical solutions to be introduced in the areas of economy related to quality, production, and services. Scientific interests of the Chair academic staff include planning issues, designing and implementing pro-quality systems, production systems, safety systems and their management in combination with logistic systems, and their proper functioning. 

Within the scope of its scientific activity, the Chair organizes scientific conferences on quality and production management. The most important events include the conference “Quality Production Improvement”, which has been organized for 11 years; the conference “System security: Human – Technical Object – Surroundings”, and the conference “International Colloquium on Advanced Manufacturing and Repair Technologies in Vehicle Industry”. The Chair, together with Oficyna Wydawnicza Stowarzyszenia Menedżerów Jakości i Produkcji, publishes the scientific periodical “Production Engineering Archives”, “Scientific Papers Quality Production Improvement” and the magazine for young scientists “Archiwum Wiedzy Inżynierskiej”, where the members of the scientific clubs “Promotor Jakości” and “Erasmus+ Manager” publish their articles. 

The Chair cooperates, among others, with the Silesian University of Technology, SGGW, UWM in Olsztyn, Rzeszów University of Technology, Kraków University of Technology, Świętokrzyskie University of Technology. The Chair staff also cooperate with research teams from the universities in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Thailand, and the USA. They also cooperate with business entities, among others, Wielton, Pamapol, Multimetal and Ceramik, which employ the graduates of the Chair. The motto and also the measure of the success of the Chair of Production Engineering and Safety is the success of its graduates. The high quality of the academic and educational achievements is confirmed by the Quality of the Year Certificate awarded to the Chair in 2014 and 2015.