Zdjecie Katedry Informatyki Ekonomicznej

Zdjecie Katedry Informatyki Ekonomicznej

Na zdjęciu od lewej: Leszek Ziora, Cezary Stępniak, Paula Bajdor, Ilona Pawełoszek, Tomasz Turek, Dorota Jelonek, Anna Brzozowska, Aleksandra Grabińska, Andrzej Chluski, Damian Dziembek

The Chair of Business Informatics started its functioning on 1 October 1998, and in March 2000, pursuant to the decision of the Council of the Management Faculty, it was transformed into the Chair of Business Informatics. For 16 years the Head of the unit was Professor Adam Nowicki. Since 2014 this position is held by dr hab. Dorota Jelonek, prof PCz, who for 14 years was the Deputy Head of the Chair. 

Directions of scientific research conducted at the Chair include widely understood possibilities of applying ICT in organization management, implementing information management systems, developing the process approach in management and process management. 

In 2004 the employees of the Chair organized the NTIE Scientific Conference „Business Informatics. A scientific and educational review” in Morsk. The Chair is also the organizer of the national scientific conference „Knowledge and Information Technologies in Creating Entrepreneurship”. In 2017 the conference was organized for the fifth time with 100 participants from several academic centers in Poland. 

Almost all employees of the Chair are the members of the Scientific Association of Business Informatics. Professor Adam Nowicki was the President of the Association (2002-2007), and professor Dorota Jelonek has been the Board member since 2011. The Chair staff members also belong to the Commission of Management and Organization Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Katowice Office, Association of Academic E-learning, TNOiK, Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES), International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI), and the Association of Quality Managers.

In 2008 dr Damian Dziembek won first place in the NTIE competition for the best doctoral dissertation in the domain of business informatics. The promoter of the dissertation was prof. dr hab. Adam Nowicki. In 2013 the Competition Commission awarded the third place to the work of dr Andrzej Chluski, whose promoter was dr hab. Dorota Jelonek prof. PCz.