A graduate of the first level (Bachelor) in the Quality and Production Management obtains a knowledge of the quality management in the service and production companies, with particular emphasis on the knowledge in the production management, economics, process safety and management systems. The graduate gains managerial skills. The graduate is able to solve problems in the field of the production engineering and the product and service quality management.

The graduate is able to coordinate tasks in the field of the production engineering, transport and commodity science, including: designing quality management systems, designing new and supervising existing processes and production systems (operating systems), supervision of facilities and management systems, selection of methods and techniques used in the quality control, selection and training of the personnel, cost management in the industry, materials selection management, marketing, logistics, material investments management, technology and innovation transfer, innovation implementation, formulation of technology and management tasks.

The graduate is prepared to: perform tasks related to the product and service quality management, manage production processes and services; organization and management of the personnel and coordination of the work teams; participation in the implementation and implementation of the research and development works, especially concerning technological and organizational innovations and participation in the work related to technical and organizational consulting in the field of the production engineering and the quality management.

The graduate acquires the selected foreign language (English, German, French) at the proficiency level B2 according to the European System of Language Teaching Description of the Council of Europe. The graduate has the ability to use a specialized language in the field of the quality management and production engineering.

A graduate of the first level of the studies obtains the title of an engineer and is prepared to start second level of the studies.

The general aim of education in the field of Quality and Production Management is to development and dissemination of the issues in the field of broadly understood issues of quality and production engineering in relation to economic sciences and management, with particular emphasis on product and service quality management, production management. In addition, as part of the field of study, educational and scientific activities will be carried out to support the development and importance of quality and production engineering. The above goal will be implemented, among others through:

  • education of students and their preparation for practice their profession,
  • education in order to supplement specialist knowledge and professional skills,
  • conducting research and creating conditions for the development of research employees at the Faculty of Management of the CUT,
  • popularizing and publishing activities, organizing national and international scientific conferences,
  • popularization of technical, technological and economic progress.

Employment (typical place of work) – a graduate of the first level has the opportunity to work in: all types of enterprises (both production and service – micro, small, medium or large, in production and quality departments), in own company, design, research and consulting units dealing with production and quality engineering, usiness and administrative units that require technical, economic and IT knowledge as well as organizational skills.

Continuation of education – students completing first level in the Quality and Production Management can continue full-time and part-time second-cycle studies in the fields of Occupational Safety and Hygiene, Management / Management, Logistics / Logistics.